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ABOUT US Hey! Black Girl is a division of Magnolia Mental Health that focuses on the emotional, mental, and physical health of Black women. Quinn Gee-Edward, LPC, the founder of Hey! Black Girl and owner of Magnolia Mental Health, began practicing psychotherapy in 2014. Her areas of professional focus include women's issues (such as relationships and codependency), intersectionality, healthy sexuality, gender identity, sexual orientation and race based trauma.

Quinn's goal is to bring awareness of stigmatized issues to marginalized communities.

Post Traumatic
Stress Disorder
African-American women face a number of public and private traumas — some directly connected to our Blackness and femaleness, some not.
Depression Depression is a huge health concern among African Americans — particularly women — but mental health is often stigmatized in the Black community.
Anxiety Anxiety disorders can cause people to try to avoid situations that trigger or worsen their symptoms. Job performance, school work, and personal relationships can be affected.

Codependency Codependency is a dysfunctional relationship dynamic in which one person’s needs are secondary to another’s. Typically, codependency occurs when true intimacy does not.
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Latest Products About Us Facebook Welcome to Magnolia Mental Health, a mental health practice and resource center created by Quinn Gee, LPC. As co-founder of another mental health clinic, Healing Hearts Counseling Center, located in Memphis, Quinn wanted to center her professional services around marginalized persons, and thus began Magnolia Mental Health. MMH was created as an extension of Quinn's clinical services and outreach. Quinn and Magnolia Mental Health relocated to Washington, D.C. from Memphis in April 2017. MMH has a comprehensive website that contains a list of all services provided, resources containing current, upcoming, and past media events.

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